Why Invest?

The global Healthcare IT market is experiencing rapid growth, with it’s value expected to exceed $225 Billion by 2020, and annual funding for digital health startups expected to hit $6.5 Billion by 2017. Warp Core Health is in a position to capitalize.

Why Health IT?

Every aspect of the healthcare industry, from delivery of patient care to the management of health information, has always required the latest cutting edge technology. The continuous increase in demand for medical care has made the need for innovative and efficient healthcare systems even more pressing. Healthcare IT is being used worldwide to significantly improve and reimagine healthcare delivery, while reducing operating costs. As such, governments have begun to both promote and require the adoption of healthcare IT systems globally. The rising adoption of healthcare IT means that low cost IT solutions which improve the quality, delivery and management of healthcare are the focus of the healthcare industry and highly in demand.

Why physician investors?

Understanding the structure of the healthcare industry is invaluable for recognizing the new technologies needed to support and encourage the rapidly growing healthcare industry. Physicians have a unique insight into the needs of healthcare providers, payers and consumers, which helps them recognize what is necessary for the increasingly interconnected healthcare system.

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